About the CCPS programme

The China Capable Public Sector (CCPS) programme is a whole-of-government initiative to develop a China capable public sector with awareness, knowledge, experience, and leadership to engage effectively with China, both internationally and domestically.

Purpose of the programme

Wherever you work in the Government sector, you need some layer of China capability. That’s due to the growing significance of New Zealand’s relationship with China through increased trade, tourism, and investment. China is New Zealand’s largest trading partner and is different from our traditional trading partners in many respects, including culture, language, and scale.

CCPS aims to develop a China capable pool of talent, both onshore and offshore, through collaborative knowledge sharing forums that foster communities of interest, and open career pathways across agencies and the wider public sector.

Programme sponsor

Pip McLachlan, Principal Advisor, Asia and Americas Group, New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade. Read more about Pip

The programme is led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) in strong partnership with agency leaders across the public sector.

In this section

  • 391 Career People

    Being China Capable

    Everyone working in government needs some layer of China capability. Find out how being China Capable provides you with career development opportunities.

  • Book New Zealand Chris Elder

    News sources and reading

    Sources of news, information, video and comment on China, relevant to the New Zealand public sector

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